The Jubilee Counseling Ministry offers a wide range of counseling services based on the Christian faith provided by professional counselors and trained volunteers. For those interested in serving in this ministry, we are looking for  licensed professional counselor or a counselor in training that is receiving supervision, who practice Christian faith in their personal as well as their professional life.

  • Professional Counseling - for anyone who is seeking healing and recovery from pain, addiction, and sin.  People who are interested in self-discovery and development are also welcome.  Please contact for more information. Fees: Individual Counseling - 40,000won per session, Marriage/Couple Counseling - 60,000won per session (initial minimum 4 sessions are required)  
  • Group Counseling - Group counseling is a counseling approach in which a group of 5-10 people are guided by a professional counselor and focus on a particular area of healing and growth. The counselor leads the group through learning, open sharing and interaction. The counseling group provides a chance to share with others in a private, confidential setting facilitated by a counselor. Benefits of group counseling are: a greater understanding of your own thinking, emotional and behavioral patterns, an awareness that you are not alone in your struggles as you hear others stories and learn alongside them, and an opportunity to give feedback and encourage others in the group.

    Self Awareness Group Counseling:
    Self Awareness group counseling is an 8 week counseling group to help members gain a deeper knowledge of themselves and discover how to “get out of their own way” and overcome barriers in interpersonal relationships and spiritual growth. The group members will explore their personality patterns through the Enneagram system, an ancient personality typing tool that has been used as an aid for spiritual formation. The main topic the group will cover is identifying one’s own unique personality type and how to recognize and break off from parts of one’s personality that prevent members from being the people that they were created to be. Some specific topics that will be covered will be: fears and desires, stress, and spiritual formation as well as relevant topics that group members bring to discuss. The goal of this group is for members to grow in understanding of who they are and learn how to identify and heal from parts of their personality that keep them from greater intimacy with God and healthy relationship with self and others.
    Dates: Saturdays 1-3pm (April 8th-June 3rd. There will be no group the weekend of the retreat).
    Price: 100,000 won (includes eight 2-hour sessions and the cost of the Enneagram personality test)
    Register by filling out the Self Awareness Group Counseling Registration Form here. If you have any questions, please email
  • Pre-Marital Counseling - All the material we teach in this class is from a biblical perspective and recommended for engaged and newlywed couples who desire to live out their marriage to the full potential that God created marriage to be. They will be led by trained leaders from within our community who exemplify what it means to be a Godly family. 

           Please download the Pre-Marital Counseling Information Sheet here. 

 To register for Pre-Marital Counseling, please email with the following information:  
           1.     Names and ages of you and your fiancé.
           2.    Your wedding date.
           3.    Name of Church you are attending and for how long.

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