Jubilee Fall Retreat 2018

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Intimacy with God

Intimacy with God is an invitation to a life that is completely centered on Jesus. Center your life on Jesus and your choices will reflect his priorities. Learn to trust in him as you encounter fears. Spend time listening to his voice and walk in obedience to it. As your life becomes consumed with Jesus, let his life and love flow through you to the people around you. If you do this, you will see God’s kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven.


Dan Baumann

Dan Baumann was born in Los Angeles, California and graduated from Wheaton College with a Bachelor’s in Business, and then joined Youth with a Mission (YWAM), with which he served 9 years as a volunteer worker at an eye hospital in Afghanistan. In 1997, he went to Iran for 2 weeks to share about the love of Jesus Christ, and there he was falsely accused, arrested, and then condemned to 2 death sentences. After 9 weeks in prison he was miraculously released. He wrote a book, Imprisoned in Iran, in which he shares about God’s miracles upon his life during this time in his life.
In 1998, Dan moved to southern Colorado to begin training and discipling young people at the YWAM training center there. He moved to the YWAM training center in Kona, Hawaii in 2007 to continue his work of discipling young people. He currently travels half of the year teaching in YWAM, churches, and universities, challenging and encouraging people to run after and fall in love with Jesus.

Dan currently has 3 books in publication.
- A Fresh Look at Fear
- Imprisoned in Iran
- A Beautiful Way

For more information you may visit Dan Baumann’s website at www.danbaumann.com


Dates: October 19-21, 2018
Retreat Venue: YBM Retreat Center
(English) 317 Seja-ro, Jeongnam-myun, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
(Korean) 경기도 화성시 정남면 세자로 317 YBM 연수원

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Shuttle Bus: We have 3 round-trip shuttle buses departing from Jubilee Church with their return to Jubilee Church on Sunday, October 21st following lunch at the retreat center.

3PM Friday, October 19th
9PM Friday, October 19th
7AM Saturday, October 20th

Public Transportation Information:
There are public buses that come to the retreat site from Suwon Station (수원역) and Byeongjeom Station (병점역), and arrive at Suwon Science University (수원과학대학). The ride should be 20-30 minutes.
From Suwon Station: 6-3, 26 (30 min)
From Byeongjeom Station: 35-1, 35-3, 35-3A, 50 (20min)

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 Spirit-filled inspirational teaching from guest speaker Dan Baumann

 Get to know new people at Jubilee during small group times

 Form new friendships and build community

 Get to know new people and build community through organized games, sports, and hiking along the nearby lake

 A weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of Seoul

 3 persons in one room, and each person gets own bed (*this applies for singles, and may differ for families depending on size of family)

 3 high quality meals

 An opportunity to rekindle intimacy with God

 Worship together in a fresh environment

 Rekindle your prayer life through our Morning Prayer times and Saturday evening extended prayer and worship time



Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry is provided during the worship sessions and small group times (please check the retreat schedule for details). Children’s Ministry is offered for children ages 3 through 5 th grade. Children must be potty- trained or not fully dependent on diapers, and they must not have separation anxiety from their parents. Separate Children’s Ministry or daycare will not be provided for infants or toddlers. However, there will be a matted area in the back of the sanctuary for parents who need to care for young children during the sessions. Children’s ministry will not be run by the regular Children’s Ministry teachers in order to allow them to enjoy the retreat, and thus will be run by a pastor and volunteers.

There are retreat fee discounts available for those who would like to volunteer 1-2 sessions for the Children’s Ministry, however, spots are limited. If interested in volunteering for Children’s Ministry, you can apply as you sign-up for the retreat by clicking here. For more information please email admin@jubileeseoul.com

Middle School and High School Ministry

There will not be a separate Middle School and/or High School session at the retreat. However, we have checked with the retreat speaker, Dan Baumann, and he has confirmed that the messages are very suitable and beneficial for youth. In fact, his passion in life is the share the love of Jesus Christ with young people. During the adult small group discussion times, there will be separate small groups for middle school and high school students respectively with their respective pastors, Pastor Ryan Smith and Pastor Yirang Macias.



(*All figures are in Korean Won)

Single Adult
Fri-Sun: 130,000
Sat-Sun: 110,000

Married Couples
Fri-Sun: 270,000
Sat-Sun: 220,000

Children 3 & Up (under 2 no charge)
Fri-Sun: 50,000 per child for first 2 kids / 30,000 per child for any additional
Sat-Sun: 40,000 per child for first 2 kids / 20,000 per child for any additional

Saturday Day Pass (No room needed)
60,000 for each adult and/or child 3 & up

*For any single parents or any parents planning to attend the retreat without their spouse, please contact admin@jubileeseoul.com to determine accurate retreat pricing.

Additional Charges
Round-Trip Shuttle Bus 10,000 per person
Additional Bedding* 10,000 per bedding set

*Each room consists of 3 beds along with bedding. If anyone requires additional bedding there is an additional 10,000 charge. You may bring your own bedding from home.
*Each room has 3 towels and basic soap, but we recommend you bring your own towels and toiletries.

All retreat pricing is to cover the costs of the facilities use (including actual cost of rooms, retreat sanctuary venue, and meals at the retreat venue). Costs to cover retreat speaker

Financial Aid
Please do not allow costs to hinder you from attending the retreat. For financial aid options, please contact admin@jubileeseoul.com.



1. What do I need to bring to the retreat?
You should bring: personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, face wash, etc.), towels, comfortable clothes/sneakers and change of clothing, light jacket, Bible, pen and notebook, water bottle, cash.

2. Will there be snacks at the retreat?
There is a small convenience store and coffee shop at the retreat site. Ecclesia-on-the-Go will also be set up at the retreat, but will not be able to take credit card, so you should bring some cash.

3. What kind of meals can I expect and can they account for any allergy conditions I may have?
Meals will be served at the retreat cafeteria, and from our taste-testing, it is very good quality. There are Korean and western options. It is not buffet style, and you will not be able to go back for seconds on the main course, but you can get more side dishes (banchan) if you like. Unfortunately, because there may be other people sharing the retreat facilities with us, we may not be able to tailor any meals, and so for those with allergy sensitivities, it may be a good idea to prepare and bring some food on your own.

4. Can I bring my pet?
No, not pets are allowed at the retreat site.

5. Can I bring a bicycle, scooter, kickboard (for kids), etc.
No, these items should not be brought to the retreat site.

6. Can I bring my car?
Yes, there is plenty of free parking spaces at the retreat site. We encourage people to carpool together if possible.

7. Can I leave my car at church and take the shuttle?
No, overnight parking is not allowed at church.

8. What if I miss the shuttle bus?
There are public buses that come to the retreat site from Suwon Station (수원역) and Byeongjeom Station (병점역), and arrive at Suwon Science University (수원과학대학). The ride should be 20-30 minutes.
From Suwon Station: 6-3, 26 (30 min)
From Byeongjeom Station: 35-1, 35-3, 35-3A, 50 (20min)

9. I will not stay overnight Saturday evening, so what are my options to return to Seoul?
We can try to arrange carpools for people who are returning to Seoul Saturday evening. If no carpools are available, then you would need to take public transportation back to Seoul, and leave no later than 9pm. Please refer to FAQ 8 above.

10. If I decide to carpool with someone else even after I have reserved a spot on the shuttle, is that possible?
Yes, but we ask that you let us know so we can make note of it for logistics purposes. Unfortunately, the 10,000won shuttle fee is non-refundable because it was already used to reserve your spot on the shuttle.

11. I would like to participate in the Oak Tree Run on Saturday, October 20. Is there a shuttle that can bring us from there.
No, we will not be providing any shuttles from the Oak Tree Run. We would encourage you to attend our retreat and give financially to the Oak Tree Project. If you would still like to run and join our retreat, you will need to arrange your own transportation or use public transportation.

12. Will there be Sunday Service at Jubilee Church on October 21?
If you are attending the retreat, we will have Sunday service at the retreat site. There will only be a 2pm Sunday service at Jubilee Church on that day.


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Questions? Email admin@jubileeseoul.com