Contact: LifeGroups@jubileeseoul.com

Women's Life Groups provide a community of women that are able to encourage and sharpen each other in their pursuit of knowing God and growing in their identity as a followers of Christ. It is a place where there can be open sharing about experiences particular to women and receive support. 

We have two different types of Women's Life Groups:

1. WOMEN'S LIFE GROUPS study the same curriculum as most Life Groups and consist of 8-10 women.
2. MOM'S LIFE GROUP meets every Tuesday from 10am - 12pm at the Jubilee Annex to read the Word, pray, and fellowship.  As we share and pray together, we learn that we are not alone in this journey of motherhood.  What is most special is that we get to know the power of God's love in our lives. This life groups does not go through the same curriculum as regular Life Groups. Once a month we pray for each other, twice a month we pray for our kids, and the last Tuesday of every month, we have a fun activity like flower arrangement class, cooking, dance, candle making, just to name a few.  Best of all, there's free babysitting!  

In addition to these Life Groups, there are also fellowship events and seminars that will be held throughout the year to address the needs of women at Jubilee.


For more information, please email Pastor YiRang Macias at yirang.macias@jubileeseoul.com