Our Purpose:

We exist to make disciples of Jesus and plant new churches that will transform the world.  

Our Values:

1. Teach Christ

- The entire Bible, in both its Old and New Testaments, witnesses and points to the person of Jesus Christ.

- The Gospel – the Good News of God’s work in and through Jesus – is central to our work as a church.

-  Everything we do as a church has its ultimate center and purpose in Jesus.

2. Live in Community

- We seek to be a sign of God’s true, renewed community, a close and integrated church characterized by love, fellowship, and mutual service.

3. Transform the City

- We will serve, champion, and work for the flourishing of the city of Seoul and the advancement of God’s Kingdom in it.

4. Plant new churches

- It takes more than a single church to bring revival to the city. Therefore, we are committed to plant more Gospel-centered churches.

Launch Details

King's Cross Church is planning to launch within Wangsimni in November 2017.

More Information

For more information regarding the King's Cross Church Plant, visit the King's Cross Facebook page or the King's Cross Church JubiLink page, where you can not only view updates, but also help support this church plant by giving financially.