About the King's Cross Church Plant

Jubilee Church's leadership began to discuss in early 2016 what our missions strategy and philosophy should be. Through much discussion and prayer, we felt the Lord was calling us to plant a new church. This church plant was to be birthed and supported by Jubilee, but was to have a new and unique identity all of its own. Later that year, through even more prayer and discussion, it was decided that Pastor Sangmin Lee would be the person to lead the new church. The location of the new church plant was to be in the Wangsimni area in Seoul, and the name of the church was to be King's Cross Seoul. 

On September 3, 2017, Pastor Sangmin, along with over thirty members of the Jubilee Church community were commissioned to be sent as the launch team for King's Cross. Every Sunday since then, the King's Cross team has been gathering at Pastor Sangmin's home for Sunday worship and prayer for the new launch. The official first public service for King's Cross Seoul was held at 11AM on November 5, 2017 in their new sanctuary at the Medusa Hall in the Park Avenue Enter-6 shopping complex next to Hanyang University. 

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