Jubilee is blessed to walk life with 4 in-house missionaries. Please click below to meet 2 of our in-house missionary families and learn more about their call to serve God's people all over the world while living in Seoul and how to join in prayer and support!



The Klejment-Lavin Family
Ryan, Carolyn, Noah & Fin
Seoul, South Korea

Click to meet the lim family!

Click to meet the lim family!

The Lim Family
Alex, Heather, Jacob, Katherine & Miles
Seoul, South Korea

Jubilee Church Missionaries fulfill the following criteria. 
Please note that these criteria are subject to change as we continue to develop our vision for missions at Jubilee. Prior to submitting an application, all candidates must schedule a meeting with Senior Pastor and/or Senior Associate Pastor. If you are interested in learning more, email: missions@jubileeseoul.com

Jubilee Church Missionaries fulfill the following basic criteria. 

  1. Candidate needs to be a member of Jubilee Church.

  2. Commitments can be either mid-term (3 months to 3-yrs) or long-term (3yrs- indefinite)

  3. Pre-field Screening - Application is required.
    Along with the application, the following areas will be reviewed by the Missions Department, Senior Pastor and Senior Associate Pastor:
    a. Calling and Chemistry (one-on-one interview)
    b. Character Assessment (Personality/Character/Relational Aptitude Test (To be given by licenced counselor)
    c. Competence (Basic Theology and ICS Exam)
    d. Medical Background Check/Waivers
    e. Financial Check (financial stewardship class/accountability)

  4. Field Preparation/Training
    a. Addressing all five categories mentioned in part 3.
    b. Recommended to be involved in the Jubilee community at least 1-2 yrs before being commission
    c. Training specific to the work they will be doing needs to be addressed
    d. Emergency Plans set (emotional, spiritual, physical)
    e. Fundraising platform set via Jubilink (coordination/counsel with Stewardship Committee)

  5. Commissioning Ceremony

  6. On the Field
    a. Fundraising must be at least 90% completed
    b. Coordination with on-field agency needs to be completed.
    c. Accountability infrastructure for the following needs to be finalized:
    -Spiritual (Personal)
    -Relational (Community Life)
    -Financial (For long-termers, 1/3 from the church’s general budget, 1/3 via Jubilink, 1/3 personal fundraising.
    Package for Mid-termers is case by case.
    -Professional (Monthly newsletter and phone/video meeting is required.)
    d.Need to visit/report to Jubilee Church at least once a year.

  7. Post Field
    a. Re-entry class and 6 month regular monthly meetings with leadership will be scheduled.
    b. Assistance with housing, schooling, job, etc.
    c. Additional care, if needed (i.e.- counseling, etc.)