Service Times

Sundays @ 10AM & 2:00PM
Wednesdays @ 8PM


There are multiple ways to get connected at Jubilee Church for everyone within each stage of life. As a first time visitor, our Newcomers Team will welcome you as you enter the sanctuary prior to Sunday service, and will escort you to a Newcomers Orientation directly following the service. Newcomers Orientation is a great way for you to get to know a little more about Jubilee Church and for us to get to know you. Within this class, you will learn of the many ways to connect at Jubilee Church in addition to learning about the various ministries available to serve within. You can also learn more about each of the ways to get connected by reading about each of our community-oriented groups listed under LIFE GROUPS at the top of this page!


Q: What is the average age of people at Jubilee Church?

A: The average age of congregants at Jubilee Church is 29 years old. We have a range of congregants from college age, young families, and families with high school students which make-up the dynamic of Jubilee Church.

Q: What is the difference between the 10AM service and the 2PM service on Sunday?

A: The 10AM Service and the 2PM service on Sunday are exactly the same regarding both worship and the sermon. However, we offer Korean Translation for the sermon at the 10AM service only. Additionally, we only have Children’s Ministry classes during the 10AM service.

Q: What does it mean to be an inter-denominational church, and why is Jubilee Church one?

A: An inter-denominational church means that we are a congregation that is comprised of congregants from differing denominational backgrounds and beliefs. Jubilee Church is an inter-denominational church because it is our desire to reflect the unity of the Bride of Christ within the church. Therefore, we respect differing denominational practices according to one's own personal conviction.

Q: How should I dress to attend a Sunday service?

A: We encourage you to come dressed in a way that you are most comfortable. Whether this be in a suit and tie or in a sweatshirt and jeans, we invite you to come just as you are.

Q: What is the best way to get plugged-in quickly?

A: Jubilee Church has many ministries that are community oriented. You can learn more about each of these under the Life Groups, Ministries, and Outreach  tabs located at the top of this page. However, one of the quickest ways to get plugged into community at Jubilee Church is to join a Life Group that matches the stage of life that you are in!

Q: How long do I need to attend services at Jubilee Church before I can serve?

A: We encourage congregants at Jubilee Church to get plugged in to serve as quickly as possible. There are many areas in which one may get plugged in to serve, with a list of service-oriented ministry opportunities listed under the Ministries tab above.

Q: How do I become a member at Jubilee Church?

A: To become a member at Jubilee Church, you must attend both parts of the two-part membership class offered twice a year, in both Spring and Fall. You can learn more about membership at Jubilee Church and find out when the next scheduled membership class is by seeing the Membership page under the About tab above.

Q: Can I bring my pet to church?

A: Due to the desire to make Jubilee Church a safe place for those with allergies and sensitivities to pet dander, we have a no-pet policy.


Subway Directions

  • We are located off Subway Line 3 (Orange Line)

  • Get off at Sinsa Station & exit out of Gate #6

  • Walk along the sidewalk for about 500m (about a 10 min walk passing SK gas station, Suaviss Wedding Hall and Moorim Bldg.)

  • Make a slight right and walk down the sidewalk ramp going down through a small parking area.

  • Jubilee is the building almost immediately after this parking area. Look for the red brick wall next to a bicycle shop.

Bus Directions

Green: 4412, 4318, 4419, 3011
Blue: 143, 342, 362, 472, 240
Red: 9507, 9407

  • Get off at Sinsa Joong HakGyo (Sinsa Middle School) bus stop. You need to be on the same sidewalk as TomnToms Coffee.

  • Walk towards the Hannam Bridge/Casamia store and hotel.

  • The sidewalk will veer to a slight left.

  • Jubilee Church is located on your left where there is a red brick parking lot.



  • AM Service - 9am-1:30pm

  • PM Service - 1:30pm - 7pm


  • Free parking 7pm-10pm


  • For all church related meetings, parking is free 8am-4pm

  • After 4pm, it is paid parking - please speak to the parking attendant for rates.


  • Please make sure your parking pass is clearly shown on the dashboard otherwise you will be charged. Parking passes can be picked up in the staff office during office hours.

  • On Sundays, if our lot is full, we do not recommend street parking due to traffic tickets. There is a nearby paid parking lot called Shingu Sports Center that offers affordable rates.

  • If you are visiting church for ministry related meetings Monday - Friday, please stop by the staff office for stamp validation.