CM Announcements

  1. We’re making a movie! In celebration of Christmas 2019, the Children’s Ministry will be telling the story of Jesus’ birth in a video. After learning the Christmas story this Sunday, they will be capturing the children retell it on video and will be presenting it to the congregation on Christmas Sunday. Since the video will be shown publicly, we will have a permission form at each classroom that you can sign if you are comfortable having your child be part of this video. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact cm@jubileeseoul.com. As always, thank you for your support!

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CM Check-in Procedures for JubiMinis & JubiJrs

Parents of JubiMinis and JubiJrs classes are asked to do a self check-in for their child on Sundays. Here’s how:

1. Get your child(ren)’s name tag and the parent card from the blue name tag chart in front of their classroom(s)
2. Clip the name tag on your child(ren) before sending her/him to the classroom.
3. Keep the matching parent card to show the CM volunteers at pick-up time.
4. After pick-up, return both name tags to the chart in the slot with your child’s name.

*Please make sure the parent phone number is up to date on the child’s name tag as well as any new allergy information.