Jubilee Church’s Children’s Ministry (CM) serves the community by proving a place where children can come and learn about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. We share about what the Bible teaches on the character of God and tell stories about His goodness and love for His children. Our volunteers enjoy worshipping with the children and building a relationship with them as mentors to become followers of Jesus. We serve children ages 2-12 and partner with families for discipleship.

Meeting Time: 10am-11:35am
Location: Jubilee Church Main Building 3rd Fl.
Contact: CM@jubileeseoul.com

Class Descriptions:

  • Jubi-Wee is a class for children who are 2 years old

  • Jubi-Minis is our preschool ministry for children ages 3-5 years old

  • Jubi-Juniors is our younger elementary school ministry for children in grades 1-3

  • Jubi-Seniors is our older elementary school ministry for children in grades 4-5

Families with infants 0-23 months can use our “crying room” at the back of the main sanctuary.

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